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LL Catered Events & Press Releases

We specialize in Lobster Bakes & BBQ's.....let us travel to the location of your choice anywhere in the New England area and create a magical event for your special occasion. The summer season books fast, so call today to book your special event!

LL Events has recently spent time on the set with Fort Productions (NYC) and their Infinity Windows shoot, taking care of their daily catering needs during the commercial while on location in Hartford.  

The Lazy Lobster Restaurant was recently featured in a film by Nobu Massiah called “Work Day”.  This SAG feature was filmed entirely on location in Connecticut.  Rather than serving lobster, the restaurant was depicted as a café.  The production is due to be released soon.

Corporate, Social, or Production Catering; 

We hope you will let us take care of all your catering needs!

LL Events and Recording Artist 50 Cent teamed to throw an event for Justin Timberlake. 250 revelers packed into 50 Cent‟s disco on the bottom level of his Estate. Dancing until the wee hours of the morning, guests were slammed with tunes spun by DJ impresario Rob E. Rob and fueled by the kitchen magic of LL Events. Hungry partygoers enjoyed down-home appetizers with selections such as Louisiana Gumbo and Rice in Dixie Cups, 48 Hr. Slow Cooked Ribs on a Bun, Fried Chicken and Biscuit Skewers with Pan Gravy, Mini Lobster Rolls and Smoked Turkey and Sweet Potatoes on a Cheddar Cheese & Scallion Scone, among many other unique renditions of Southern comfort food.In between sets the guests could take a break in 50's Billiard Parlor or play cards and throw the dice in the in- house Casino. A few of the athletes on hand put together an impromptu basketball game on the glass enclosed court while cheering fans looked on from the dance floor. The champagne flowed and Pink was on hand to introduce the newest energizer to the bar scene, PINK, a combination of spirits, caffeine and other natural energizing compounds to keep the party revving. As the sun came up, 50 took some time to chat with our staff and posed for photos. Another classic event by LL Events!

The Lazy Lobster Restaurant

5 star rating

based on 9 reviews

6 Broadway

Milford, CT 06460

(203) 283-1864

•  Price Range: $$

•  Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

•  Parking: Street

•  Attire: Casual

•  Good for Groups: Yes

•  Good for Kids: Yes

•  Takes Reservations: No

•  Delivers: No

•  Take-out: Yes

•  Waiter Service: No

•  Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

•  Outdoor Seating: Yes

•  Good for: Lunch, Dinner

•  Alcohol: None

Milford, CT

5 star rating


First to Review

Lobster is lobster, it's always good. What makes this place stand out is the ribs. For me it's all about the

ribs - so good you'll want to punch yourself in the face for not getting your ass there sooner. It's in Milford,

in a cool spot and Walnut Beach Creamery is just across the street. As good as Ash Creek Saloon's any

day. The owner is a real salt and cool if you want to bring an alcoholic beverage in to enjoy with your


And did I mention the ribs?

Steve W.

Frank W.

Stamford, CT

5 star rating


I was in Milford last week and decided to stop by one of my favorite summer restaurants, The Lazy

Lobster, to see if they were open in winter. They were and plan to be all year. They have added a

fireplace (ok, a virtual fireplace/heater) adding to the winter ambiance. We had our favorites- Lobster

Bisque, Crab Cakes and Ribs (still the best around) I was in Memphis last week and no comparison.

Everything was great as usual although I miss sitting outside.

I also noticed they are adding a few more soups and some new items for the winter like Lobster Pot Pie,

Lobster Baked Potato and Chili (not lobster chili, but Cincinnati style) if it is any where close to the ribs,

I'm in...

Andy P.

Ed G.

I'll have five dozen clams, please.

New Haven, CT

4 star rating


We met here in the Spring, and although I liked that we had the place to ourselves, I saw what a perfect

place this would be to have dinner after a hot Summer afternoon at the beach. The beach is only half a

block away, and outdoor seating is available. This is a small, no-frills setup, so don't bother wearing your

fancy clothes.

I had the whole lobster, a two pounder. I hadn't had one this size in years. It was fresh and sweet. I got

both of the claws out in one piece, and had fun making puppets out of them. Play with your food!

The company was first class. Mike and Jen, Steve and Pam and their daughter joined me here, and we all

had a good time.


Larry F.

If you don't like my review, you're probably a douchebag

West Haven, CT


5 star rating


Great Ribs..... at the Lazy Lobster? It's kind of like going to get great Ice Cream at a Mongolian Barbecue

joint.... or getting your taxes done at Jiffy Lube. But don't trouble yourself with such trivial wonderments,

just get in your car and go there and eat the best ribs you will ever have in your life. Sweet Lord almighty,

those succulent, tasty ribs. People, trust me on this.... they're the best ribs you'll have anywhere. And I'm

an original southerner. They're amazing. "Fall off the bone" is a cliche that gets overused, and I think I'm

going to start suing places that throw this terminology around loosely. These ribs truly do fall off the

bone.... very tender and juicy. The portion is just staggering.... you better bring your A-game. Also, the

barbecue sauce is simply phenomenal. I could taste the brown sugar in it, and the sauce reduced in lots

of places, so it's almost like molasses-like in spots. And they bring you out extra sauce.... I may

incorporate this stuff into the ol' bedroom routine, it's that good. Perhaps a bit pricy, but I would have paid

a small fortune for these things. I used to think that Outback's ribs were pretty decent... and they are. I also enjoyed the non-babyback variety I had at Savin Rock Roasting Company. But these are definitely in another league. Nothing

against Chili's.... I have eaten there many a time. I generally like chains from time to time. But the next time I frequent a Chili's and hear someone order the ribs there, I will grab that person by their shirt, give them one of those Three Stooges-style paintbrush slaps to the face and ask them what the hell they are doing. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh... especially if they don't know about the Lazy Lobster. But anyone who does know and gets their ribs somewhere else deserves to get hit on the head with a mallet. A big ol' mallet.

I look forward to going there a second time and sampling the Lobster Roll. I saw them preparing one and

it looked amazing. As has been said, the atmosphere is a bit quaint, and we were certainly warm on what

was a warm summer's day. But we stopped by a package store on the way over, grabbed a 6 pack of

Magic Hat Number 9, and within minutes, we were in rib heaven. We also had some of the best Corn in

the Cob you can get around here. And all the wet naps we needed, and we needed a lot of them (I think I

ended up with barbecue sauce on my shoe.... now that's the sign of a good meal!). And the people

brought us our food with a smile, and we got asked by 3 different people how everything was, to which I

told them something I'm sure they've heard a million times, that those were the best ribs we've ever had.

But you could tell they were proud of what they did, and were genuinely glad to hear validation. Not the

stock "did you enjoy your meal" you get from the gum-chewing cashier while she's swiping your Visa.

So I'm not sure why a place that seems to have lobster as its selling point makes such kick-ass ribs. But

who cares.... they just do. And it's good to know that my wife and I have a place we can drag our ribloving

relatives too. Forget Pepe's, Louis Lunch, any of those other supposed culinary landmarks you

drag out-of-towners to. Everyone loves ribs... well, nearly everyone... and there's just no place else you

should get them from. Period. Poor, poor vegetarians.... I admire your strength and determination, and your ability to conform in a world that's so challenging. But when it comes to something like this, you just don't know what you're missing!

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